Residential Services

Integrated Pest Management

I.P.M. or integrated pest management refers to treatment of a structure using a minimum amount of pesticides integrated with insect specific baits, mechanical methods, and non pesticide monitor traps to achieve a maximum pest control result. This is achieved through careful inspection of a property and proper identification of the problem and potential problems. Our emphasis with this program is to limit your exposure to pesticides inside the home and place greater emphasis on the exterior and non living areas to stop insect activity before establishing inside the structure.

Our Program

Our program consists of Four applications per year. The initial service or “clean-out” is an inside-outside inspection and treatment for the target problem and recommendations for the future. We then return in 90 days for a regular preventative service.


The Spring service consists of a granular pesticide application that is applied to the ground surface around the perimeter of the house. A time release liquid Pesticide will be applied to the exterior foundation, exterior doorways, windows, ledging, eave, and roof edging. Granular insect bait will be applied as needed to areas of activity or areas conducive to insect harborage. Pesticide dust is injected into the exterior wall void area.


The Summer service consists of a power spraying of a time released liquid pesticide on the foundation walls, perimeter of porch and patio areas, under and around decks, exterior doorways, windows ledging, eave areas and ground surface around the home. We also reapply granular insect bait as needed.


The Fall service is a granular pesticide application to ground surfaces around the perimeter of the house. A time released liquid pesticide application will be applied to foundation walls, sill plate, exterior doorways, window ledging , and eave areas.


The Winter service is an indoor treatment. If needed, the attic is treated with a granular no odor bait. Application of a time released pesticide in laundry areas, garage, and unfinished basement. Replacement of fresh rodenticides in rodent bait stations, application of odorless dusts for ants, waterbugs, roaches, and silverfish within the interior wall void areas on the upper level of the home.