Termite Control

There are several species of termites in the United State, but in Kansas City there is but one, the Subterranean Termite. They derive their name from the obvious, their colony must live underground. If they stayed there all would be well but worker termites feed on cellulose from wood. They either find wood at soil contact or they build mud tunnels over barriers such as foundations and then they tunnel till they find wood. The tunnels keep them out of daylight and keep moisture available.

Termites in nature are beneficial insects. They help decompose dead wood and enrich the soil. Unfortunately houses are made, at least partially, of wood and the termites do not distinguish between tree limbs and 2×4’s.

Termites do millions of dollars in damage every year. Often the damage is severe before the homeowners know it exits. These tricky insects can hollow out an entire beam leaving only its shell. Until you fall through the floor, there is not evidence that you even have a problem. Termites are so notorious for the enormouse amount of damage they create, that most banks and mortgage companies require a termite inspection before closing on a property.

You need to hire an expert and our company offers a superior termite team with over 80 combined years of proven success in the industry. We provide an on site inspection to locate your termite problems when presenting you with a bid for treatment. We have advanced knowledge of construction and home building in order to customize a treatment plan for your home. Have condifence in a company that has been a leader in the Kansas city area in ridding residences and business of termites.

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