Typical Pest Species: Clover Mites

The clover mite is a red mite about the size of a pin head.They are a turf mite, but do no harm to the grass. They only become a pest when they migrate by the thousands to your house. They are so tiny they can crawl through screens and any crack in your house. Other than their sheer numbers, they do no damage to your house unless you crush them. They then leave a tiny red blotch wherever they have been killed.

Normally clover mites are a problem in April and again in October. In the winter of 2011, clover mites were active all winter. The warm weather must have caused a third generation.

Those that study mites have never found a male clover mite.They are all female and reproduce asexually. Their presence has increased in number largely due to heavily fertilized and well kept lawns.