Typical Pest Species: Gnats

Without a microscope it is hard to tell the difference between all these flies, but their breeding habits will give you a clue. Unfortunately, in businesses there are frequently a combination of the flies, and as control methods are different you will need to know which pest or pests you have in order to control them effectively.

Midges are small flies that are often mistaken for mosquitoes, however they do not bite nor do they have long proboscis like the mosquito. The larvae like the mosquito are aquatic. When emergence occurs thousands of adults move to residential or commercial areas covering houses, screen windows, causing damage to commercial sites by contamination of products.

Often, if you are near a sewage system or stagnant water body you will be infested with these insects. The males swarm at dusk creating a cloud of males waiting for a female.

Control can be achieved by either cleaning the drains frequently, or by using a product called DF 5000 or a similar product. You pour this down the drain and it eats away the bacteria and other crud the flies are breeding in and feeding on. The adults can also be killed with a pyrethrum aerosol, but if you do not cure the problem you’ll be spraying indefinitely.