Typical Pest Species: Roaches

German Roach

The German Cockroach is often a problem in residential homes, but they are a major problem in commercial restaurants ,food processing plants, and anywhere they find food, water and shelter. This insect, along with termites and rodents, are the major reasons that pest control became a major service industry. German Roaches reproduce extremely rapidly.

They are usually introduced to a structure from another source in delivery boxes, bags etc, Once established they are difficult to control and usually require a monthly maintenance especially in restaurants where food is constantly delivered. They infest and feed on food and carry a variety of germs thus becoming a health hazard. Control methods have changed drastically with new technology.  Baits have replaced much of the fumigation and chemical applications and will work effectively providing good sanitation is included with the program. Depending on the situation, we will often use a combination of baits and chemical to rapidly reduce the population, then just baits for maintenance.

Books have been written on German Roaches and their control. There are hundreds of chemicals labeled for them, and nearly as many baits.

Oriental Roaches or Waterbugs

The Oriental cockroach A.K.A. “Waterbug” is a roach, but without the stigmatism of the German roach. They do not reproduce as rapidly, and are usually found around drains and water supplies. They are a problem during wet seasons.

Control is not as difficult as with the German roach. There is a bait especially for Waterbugs and is effective. Chemical control is also effective, and perimeter quarterly treatments will achieve continuous control.

American Roaches

American Roaches are large ugly roaches usually found in basements and outside in the summer. They are not a major health problem like Germans, nor do they reproduce as rapidly.

Control is not difficult. Baits and chemicals are available, and continuous control can be achieved with parameter treatments quarterly.